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We are xenda, a peruvian-based web & mobile apps creators
we build awesome projects for our clients and friends, used by thousands of people all the time, all over the world

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We are opinionated

Instead of weird, painful and "serious" business processes, we strive for comfiness, easiness and fun while we brew our client's ideas.

We build kickass web applications leveraging the latest web technologies (rails, sinatra, backbonejs, angularjs and other fun stuff) Check some projects (soon)

Wanna create native or hybrid mobile applications?
We've got you covered as well, iOS and Android are our playgrounds Check some projects (soon)

Less pain, more fun is not just our motto, but a promise we try to live up to every day

We share what we know

We believe the best way to learn is sharing what we know with others.
We achieve this by creating courses filled with our experiences and best practices

Our famous backend development course focused in the latest ruby and rails techniques as well as current software development best practices. Learn more

Our newest and edgiest take on frontend development gets you where you need to be with javascript's techniques and frameworks Learn more

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